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Good afternoon,

Received the free t-shirts, thanks again! Attached are a couple of photos from a 1945 fixxer-upper I’ve been working on. The living room had a “hip-roof” effect, the original builder measured down 18″ in each corner and sloped the ceiling from the center of the fireplace out, I ripped out the sloped ceiling, leveled and structurally re-inforced as needed, then added a couple of beams using your material. There’s rope lighting behind the crown. I also made the white cabinets for the original bath, the vertical ribbed pieces were from WindsorOne product. A third picture shows the Master BR window, we enlarged the original opening and trimmed it in part with WindsorOne product. thanks again!

Don Vogel – Manager of Quality Assurance – PSC Fabricating –

WindsorONE material provided by KI Lumber


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