Tis the season of giving…

Sure I give a lot of shirts away with our “Call Kurt for a shirt” campaign but from time to time a shirt comes my way. In the photo below I’m sporting my new Chelmsford Lumber shirt that Nick and crew sent to me. If you’re ever in their yard, Nick and the team will not only help you find the item you are looking for, but are willing to share their vast knowledge regarding the products they sell. Nick said  a common message he hears from the Chelmsford customers is, “I love how you guys know all about your products, unlike Home Depot and Lowes.


At Chelmsford Lumber you can find a wide array of the WindsorONE+ Protected S4S trim boards for both interior and exterior applications. So if you’re ever in their yard, have Nick or one of the yard warriors point you towards the WindsorONE bins!

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