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Building America with True Craftsman & WindsorONE

A WindsorONE Home by Justin Malone

There’s a craftsman located near our State Capital and he’s been capitalizing on his work with WindsorONE.  Our great Partner The Moulding Company which has locations in Sacramento and multiple locations in the Bay Area has been serving up WindsorONE for over 25 years now.  Their staff is professional and courteous, ready to support you, […]

Deck the Halls with Shiplap & Craftsman...

The St Joseph Country Club in St Joseph Missouri is getting a complete makeover and it all started with this gorgeous ballroom renovation. Designer Bree Cox of Peppertree Lane teamed up with local contractor EL Crawford to make this dream come true and just in time for the holidays. With the help of WindsorONE WORS […]

Installing a Craftsman Window as a Single Unit

Check out this episode of Finish Carpentry TV; Richard shares some shots of a beautifully trimmed home, talks tools, and does a step-by-step “super simple window trim install as one unit.” The window is WindsorONE Classical Craftsman, with a 1×2 below the frieze and painted a bold “Makita teal” with distressed paint details. Thank you […]

Little Bathroom on the Prairie, Big Shiplap on the Walls

Well a little more modern than that but check out how gorgeous this country bathroom remodel came out by Paul Beaudet and the team of Bluebird Construction in Truckee California.  Paul and his team used the WindsorONE shiplap WORS in 8″ for most of the wall skinning, the WindsorONE S4SSE for trim and added some timeless fixtures […]

Barn Renovation by Majestic Canyon Creations

How do you keep a large barn space interesting? Mix it up! Like in this stellar example by Majestic Canyon Creations. For this project, Mike and his team offer a master class in applying different textures and finishes while still keeping a cohesive design. In addition to some barnwood, much of the walls, wainscoting, and […]

Classical Craftsman Moldings Trim Out This Spacious Home

This beautiful home was completed in Central Pennsylvania by Mark Austin Building and Construction.  The quality craftsmanship used by Mark, Josh and their team is top tier in the local building community.  Material sourced and supplied by Schmuck Lumber and American Cedar and Millwork and distributed to those yards by Parksite, Inc.

Mountain House Beauty

The team at Williams Construction didn’t miss a beat with their attention to detail in this beautiful mountain custom home located in Truckee, CA. From top to bottom you can see the detailed craftsmanship every step of the way from floor to ceiling. Were just glad the team at Williams Construction chose WindsorONE to represent […]

Shiplap by the Shore

Life’s a Beach unless you’re Portola Valley Builders who turned this project into a timeless masterpiece with clean lines, spacious rooms, awesome views and quality craftsmanship from start to finish (yeah the location doesn’t hurt) here in Santa Cruz, CA. The design decisions Leap Interiors made on this project create a beautiful balance between wood finishes […]

1x12 "Shiplap" With WindsorONE S4SSE Boards

The guys at Finish Carpentry TV wrapped up another stellar project; A feature wall using S4S Trim Boards to create a shiplap look. Precision and attention to detail at the mill make it possible to pull this off using S4S and nickels for spacing. You can check out how they installed it and watch more […]