A Wood Trim Exterior by Dante Sargent

Dante Sargent has been a fan of WindsorONE for over 10 years.  He’s been buying his trim packages from Bethel Mills and Fogg’s Ace Hardware, also an entity of Bethel Mills, both long time partners to Windsor Mill.  When it came to selecting an exterior trim package for his own home, he went with the WindsorONE Protected S4S Trim Boards that offer a 30 year warranty against rot, insects and mold.  Now if that’s not a testament to our trim, I don’t know what is.  If you’re in the Newbury VT market looking for a builder whose gotten their hands wet with WindsorONE, check out Dante Sargent Building & Remodeling .

Thanks Dante for sharing your work!

WindsorONE Protected S4SSE Trim Boards used on Exterior
Tru-Core Protection Process protects wood trim from the Vermont weather


Protected S4SSE Trim Boards

Exterior Installation Instructions

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