Kurt "the Kilt"

Wainscoting Wonders and More by Steve Menez!

Steve Menez of Menez Interior Mouldings is turning his customers rooms into works of art.  He’s been buying his WindsorONE through The Moulding Company which has several locations around the Bay Area stocking our entire line. Below are just a few examples of his recent work, check out that craftsmanship!   Thank you Steve and […]

Serving up more than just Cheese in Wisconsin…

Wisconsin is home to the most award winning cheeses in the world. When entertaining, do you think any self respecting Wisconsinite would serve Velveeta and Saltines?  No, they would pick a local Aged Cheddar or Gouda to make an impression on their guests. Builders choose WindsorONE because it is manufactured in America and makes an […]

PHS Construction is in da house!

Paul Slipper is the owner of PHS Construction based out of Encinitas, CA. Here you can see the PHS Construction crew sporting their new field gear in the form of WinsorONE swag. Paul and his team are putting their craftsmanship to work installing some of the WindsorONE S4S trim boards along with the hottest ticket […]

The ultimate outdoor man cave…

This exposed porch has all the amenities a man cave needs: a fire place, heat lamps, refrigerator and big screen TV. Matthew Schlesinger owner of MTS Home Improvements just finished up his latest WindsorONE creation. He installed the WindsorONE edge and center bead SPBC4 on the lid while using the S4S+ Protected trim boards for […]

Brandon Welch knows fine dining…

What’s Brandon Welch, owner of Brandon Welch Construction saying about the WindsorONE line? “Your products are always fantastic to work with.” Check out Brandon’s newly remodeled dining room. The wainscot and coffered ceiling were put together with our S4S Trim Board line accented with profiles from the Classic American Molding Collection. Based on the photo […]

A bird’s eye view of WindsorONE…

The Audubon Society in MA is renovating a couple buildings and one of their requirements was the use of a wood product. Chris Rogers the owner of Cedarbrook General Contracting knew exactly what this rehab needed, WindsorONE+ Protected S4S Trim Boards. In the first shot below you can see that Chris built up the exterior […]

Christmas comes early for Kurt!

Stephen Weller is a lead carpenter on the team of J & C Construction & Remodeling out of the Columbia MO market. They’ve been pulling their WindsorONE through Lacrosse Lumber where their rep Dan Guill serves up their WindsorONE trim packages. Stephen and the team just completed a residential remodel in which the WindsorONE S4S […]

Bobby Chu and his construction crew…

Bobby Chu Construction is building 16 new homes in Savannah, GA!  WindsorONE S4SSE trim boards are being used for the interior and exterior treatments. A big thanks goes out to Savannah Millworks who secured the WindsorONE line for Bobby Chu through our long time distribution partner, Bluelinx.  

Lasting impressions by Thomas Leising…

Pictures are worth a thousand words however the photos below might leave you speechless. Thomas Leising is a customer of The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company in MD and recently completed the following project with the help of WindsorONE. His customer loves their new millwork which is a compilation of the Classic Colonial molding series along […]

A shirt swap between Williams Woodworks and WindsorONE’s Kurt Williams…

Brothers Jim and Rob Favreau are the proud owners of Williams Woodworks located in Santa Anna CA. The company services Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and parts of Los Angeles County. Some of the services they provide are custom stair cases, door installations, interior trim treatments (mantels, built-ins, molding installations) and more. One […]

Golf Anyone?

Al Kasper works for Von Tobel Lumber in Michigan City IN.  If he’s not driving WindsorONE deliveries around to the local builders, he’s driving golf balls on the course.  Al recently took a stick of the WindsorONE S4SSE trim board and created a golf club rack as seen in the picture below.   Al keeps his […]

Don from Brooker Associates sports his new baseball cap…

The team of Brooker Associates has hung their share of WindsorONE+ Protected S1S2E.  Brooker Associates provides a wide variety of services from design and installation to complete remodeling.  Their geographic range consists of Orange County, parts of Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire.  Recently while installing our product, several of the carpenters noticed the […]

A cool creation by Cornerstone Construction…

Travis Horn the owner of Cornerstone Construction felt his new WindsorONE baseball cap was missing one thing, his company logo.  As you can see in the photo below, he got creative and embroidered his logo on to the new hats he and his team wear.  Outstanding Travis and thanks for being a WindsorONE fan! A […]

A Craftsman Display by Haven & Associates…

Gary Haven the owner of the company called up to claim some baseball caps for his team.  He shared with me that his company installed our Craftsman Moldings in the Conejo Hardwoods Design Center located in Westlake Village CA.   Residential remodeling has been Haven & Associates’ specialty since 1987.   A big thanks goes out […]

Meet the Philbrook Engineering & Construction Team

This 4000 sq ft home in Yarmouth Port MA just received a new WindsorONE interior. Chris the company owner sent us over some shots of his team who caught the “Call Kurt for a Cap” stamp on the WindsorONE+ Protected S4S they installed. They purchased our product through our good partners at Hinckley Home Center. […]

Welcome Back WindsorONE!

Lindsey Grove, the WindsorONE Road Warrior, is canvasing the OR market to let all the dealers know that WindsorONE is back! If you’re a yard, builder or transplant who’s been a fan of WindsorONE, Capital Lumber in Portland OR can serve up all your WindsorONE Trim Board needs.  

Keith Parks is making fans!

As you can see here, Keith the owner of Designs & Structure has been spreading the good cheer about a product he enjoys working with, WindsorONE. The Pure Platinum Beauty Salon is getting a makeover of their own and WindsorONE will become part of the renovation. A big thanks goes out to Keith, the team […]

Healthy Living, Healthy Trim Boards

The Three Sisters Garden Project is an agricultural program that integrates sustainable farmland stewardship with food-based community engagement and education. The building in the picture below will be the market place for locals to get freshly grown vegetables. You can see the new white exterior trim that was installed by Herb Clough of Clough Contracting. […]

The Billy Lord Band gets signed!

It’s official, Colin Boughton the drummer just called to inform me the band got signed and they are moving to Tennessee.  Here’s Colin sharing a shot of the set with him wearing his favorite hat, our WindsorONE Baseball cap.  You can keep up with the Billy Lord Band on their Facebook page. A big thanks […]

From Fisherman to Finish Man!

Michael Rogers is the finish carpenter for Fenner Homes in South West MI. He is a lucky guy as his schedule is as follows: On Mondays this is what he does…… From Tuesday to Friday, you’ll find him putting his craftsmanship to work with WindsorONE Trim Boards they secure from Big C Lumber. A recent […]

This Bell Tower's for you!

Imagine walking into your foyer and looking up only to find this masterpiece built by Pete Colucci, owner of The Wooden Edge. That’s what you get with Pete, an “edge” given his years of finish carpentry work. Pete used the WindsorONE WOTG specialty board product he bought down at our partner Morse Sash & Door. […]

West Coast Road Warrior covering the East!

Normally you’ll find Scott Green on the Western half of the US but not this week. Scott just left our friends at Yankee Pine Lumber in Rowley MA.  There you can find the WindsorONE+ Protected 4/4 & 5/4 trim board line.  They also have access to the Classic American Molding Collection. If you stumble across […]

“Niv & Die” by the V-groove of WOTG6….

Niv Shokrian owner of NIV Construction shared some pictures of his recent porch lid treatments. Niv went with the WindsorONE+ Protected WOTG6 product along with our S4S flat stock for the job. Our good friends down in Orange County, Ganahl Lumber, serve up his WindsorONE needs. Tim Negretre in sales for the Costa Mesa branch […]

Eryn’s new WindsorONE bookcase…

Eryn the home owner called up for some shirts and caps for her builders. She had a new built-in bookcase installed in her living room. WindsorONE S4S flat stock was the selected material for the job and Viking Lumber in Holden ME provided the product. Eryn sent over this note and a few pictures. “We […]

Mike Tower of Riverhead Rocking the Kilt!

If you’re at the North Kingston RI Riverhead yard and need some WindsorONE+ Protected Trim Boards, Specialty Boards or the Classic American Molding Collection, you can pull it right from the racks as they are a full line stocking dealer. Thank you Mike and Riverhead Building Supply for the years of support, and spot on […]

What’s hot out in NJ?

Well, the weather is heating up which means the need for WindsorONE is hot. John Kasper of Huston Lumber has the ability to bring to your job site any of the WindsorONE products you or your customers may desire. You might want to get fired up for John’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor, White House Station Sauces! […]

Kula Construction out of HI calls Kurt!

Juha, Xavier & Rich of Kula Construction are working on the St. Johns Church in Kailua, HI. WindsorONE is not foreign to them, they’ve been getting their trim package needs from Pac Source. While on site, both Juha and Rich sent over to us some pictures of their project with comments you can read below. […]

LP Adams makes the Wall of Fame!

Possibly the oldest continuing retail business in the town of Dalton, MA, L.P. Adams Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated business with members of the seventh generation working there today. You’ll find the WindsorONE+ Protected Trim Boards in their racks and if any of the other WindsorONE products are needed, they can serve […]

The WindsorONE Playhouse!

Todd, a weekend warrior down in So Cal, recently built his daughter a playhouse in their backyard. The intent was for Todd to have a testing ground for a few products that he is considering for his own castle. Seers Lumber provided him with the WindsorONE S1S+ Protected product that was used for exterior trim […]

Graves Lumber in OH is having a Katz Roadshow!

If you hurry, you could make lunch and the second half of the Katz Roadshow which is presenting the Frame to Finish clinic right now at Graves Lumber!  Swing by the booth and say hello to WindsorONE’s Maggie Rogers, Product Specialist for the Mid West. Presented by Mike Sloggatt & Tom Brewer.  Check out this […]

Pacific Shore Builders - So Cal

The WindsorONE Trim Program is not unfamiliar to owner Sean Ragenovich who recently shared these great shots of his S1S2E exterior trim details.  Sean had these words to share,”Thanks again Kurt for the EXCELLENT product!! “ Frankly I can’t take the credit, that goes to the American’s working in our mill up in Willits CA. […]

WindsorONE Raceway by Gerret Marchello of Mass Appeal Construction

Gerret and his partner run and operate Mass Appeal Construction out of Long Island NY. They’re Riverhead Building Supply Customers and have used their fair share of WindsorONE+ Protected on both interior and exterior projects. Let’s also add that our partner Riverhead stocks the entire line of WindsorONE products from trim boards to specialty boards […]

Don Hyre & WindsorONE

Don Hyre the owner of Hyre Construction recently called in from the Clifton VA area which is a historical district.  In this case, certain materials are required to meet the historical board needs.  That is where WindsorONE+ Protected came into play as exterior treatments.  In addition, Don has taken WindsorONE trim boards and Specialty Boards […]

WindsorONE Fan Robert Dye & KW Builders....

A shout out for KW Builders as seen below in this team shot in their new “Fan” gear.  They recently completed an exterior trim job with WindsorONE+ Protected from The Moulding Company.  Robert was the one who reached out to us and played the role of Santa Claus and provided the photo.   Since then Robert […]

WindsorONE aka "Legion of Boom"

Our Pacific North West Rep Lindsey Grove is pumped as you can imagine given her Seattle Seahawk’s repeat appearance to the Super Bowl.  Recently Lindsey sent down to the corporate office a new banner that she thinks reflects her inside support.  Thanks Lindsey for the banner, compliment and best of luck to your Seahawks. f […]

The “Colonel” of WindsorONE visits Queens NY….

That “Colonel” being Corbin Rinehart, the WindsorONE product specialist for the NY market and this early morning shot from his hotel room is quite amazing. However, it was not as amazing as Captain “Sully” Sullenberger’s “landing of a commercial jet on the river you see in this shot. They coined the vent, Miracle on the […]

The Boiler Makers of Purdue make the Wall of Fame!

At the Theatrical Department of Purdue University, they continuously are building sets for their performances and Alex Owens of the Theatrical Department finds WindsorONE not only to be a great product for these applications but also values the “Green” aspects of WindsorONE. Here are a few shots of the Purdue Team and their work…….. And […]

"Don’t Stop Believing"

The WindsorONE crew at Corporate in Cotati CA are strong supporters of the SF Giants! (Right to Left: Jojo, Kurt, Adina, Steph, Kim & Doris) Photo taken by Scott Green Dodger Fan whose half billion dollar roster will be watching, note not much going on at Dodger Stadium, aka “Chavez Latrine.” Go Giants!

WindsorONE becomes part of "The Fania"

Mike Harnish of The Fania Roofing Company got a hold of the Kurtis and became part of the CK Nation.  Not only that but the company has become part of our “Wall of Fame” by sending out to us in Cotati Corporate a shirt of their own!  The Fania team buys their WindsorONE+ Protected from […]

Keep on Rockin in the RI....

Michael Lewis of M Lewis Carpentry Company loves rocking the WindsorONE for all his custom interiors.  Below you can see Mike having some fun in his “King of Boards” shirt while playing some air guitar.  If you’re looking for some WindsorONE, head on down to Riverhead Building Supply in RI which has two locations and […]

Got Wood Sighting!

Jeff & Josh Kravitz of Code Construction were sighted down in Menlo Park working on both the interior and exterior of a home not just using WindsorONE but showing the support by sporting their “Got Wood” field gear.   If you’re in the area, drop on by Randall Enterprises, aka The Moulding Company for all your […]

Ode to Steve "Gerber" Kelly.....

Road Warrior Steve “Gerber” Kelly recently left Windsor Mill to pursue a new career in the same industry. He served and protected for WindsorONE in the PA/NY/NJ/OH/KY markets.. His Tough Mudder jersey has been retired at the WindsorONE Corporate offices in CA, high in the rafters. You’ll be missed Gerber…….

WinddzzzzzzzzzzorONE Bed?

When Willy Hammond called up for his shirts, learned he was making his client a bed using both WindsorONE flat stock and beadboard for decorative elements. The results of his craftsmanship can be seen in this shot of his project. Outstanding Willy! Product was secured down at Austin Hardwoods where Rusty at the counter can […]

Deck Wrap done right by Don Hutchins….

12 years ago Don needed some deck wrap trim to add an element of finish detail and went with some 1×12” WindsorONE.   12 years later it still looks beautiful and 12 years later Don is still working with WindsorONE. Along with this small sample of Don’s work, you can learn more about his services and […]

Paul's new potty....

Paul Meltzer is a retired craftsman. Recently he had a crew do some work on his home, he was quite impressed with the trim they bought, WindsorONE from Koopman Lumber.   Paul being an ex-carpenter said, “Wow, this stuff looks really nice.” He then called for shirts for he and the crew, per Paul, he wouldn’t […]

WindsorONE Mania by the Mayven Crew……

Check out these interior details by Ask the Mayven Inc out of Demarest NJ. , These loyal Kuiken Brothers – Emerson supporters recently showed off their finish details with some pictures sent over to us. All the details are made of WindsorONE products with the majority being our S4S flat stock manipulated into their customers […]

New additions to team Horner Millwork

Susan Gurry, VP of marketing for Horner Millwork stopped by the WindsorONE booth at the JLC Live Show to share with us two new additions to her team, Melissa & Jessica on the right.  However, their visit was twofold, one to meet Kurt and two to get some shirts! Thanks for all the great support, […]

Plotz & Tanner Construction Company

A new home is being built in Los Alamitos CA by Plotz & Turner Construction Company. Chris Plotz called us up for some shirts and shared with us the construction of the home. Below you’ll see the crisp clean white WindsorONE+ Protected S1S2E trim that is being used for fascia. Chris also sent over a […]

The Shirt off John's back.....

John Hunt of H&L Builders in Clayton CA was kind enough to give me the shirt off his back! In exchange, he got himself and crew some new field gear from WindsorONE for his continued support through The Moulding Company. . Thanks John for donating a shirt for the Wall of Fame!

Superbowl weekend at the Meadowlands!

Mike the owner of Maslyn Door Company called up today for his WindsorONE Fan Gear. During our discussion, he informed me that he is a neighbor to the stadium, this shot is from his home. Much like the consistency of Robo-QB Payton Manning, Mike truly enjoys the consistency of America’s trim, WindsorONE.

WindsorONE Wednesday

Scott Schneider runs a young crew and recently called in for shirts. He informed me that he mandatorily requires his team to sport their field gear on Wednesday’s, hence the photo caption. They pull their trim needs through Carolina Lumber, a longtime partner and supporter of WindsorONE. When the whistle blows, this team then heads […]

Greg Putman Construction - HI

Greg the owner recently emailed this over to us, per Greg, “ALOHA ,  here is a home I built in 2006 that used an enormous amount of your interior product exclusively”   Putman Construction Custom Home with broker contact info.  Thanks for sharing the pictures Greg!

2 New WindsorONE Road Warriors!

Up in the Pacific Northwest you’ll find Lindsey Grove and in the deep Northeast Corbin Rinehart.  Both just got through with an aggressive training program which entails working side by side with our American Manufacturing Group in Willits CA.    Please help us welcome our newest cast members as they travel through their new territories. 

WindsorONE Yard Dog

Down at South City Lumber & Supply in San Francisco CA there was a sighting! Check out the “Got Wood” baseball cap on this fork driver/”Yard Dog.” A CK from the nation shot this over to us, if the grease stains, faded look and sweat ban could talk, I’m sure there would be a plethora […]

Augusta National...... Not!

Weyerhaeuser & WindsorONE teamed up for the annual WCLBMA Golf Tournament held at Black Gold Country Club in So-Cal. As the golfers came through the 3rd Tee, they were challenged by the WindsorONE “Hole in One” game of which you can see in the background. It was a great day to greet customers, play golf and wear the kilt!

WindsorONE is ready to Rock!

Brian Bos out of MA shared some shots of the closet work he did with the following note. Thank you for the sweet t-shirt. I’ll be sure to wear it to the lumber yards that don’t carry your products. Thank you Brian for your support of an American…

WindsorONE in Spain?

Well, I thought I’ve seen it all but this one is the topper! Check out the work by Toni torres of ARQUITECTURA USA who is importing American Made Goods for his Clients in Spain who desire an American Style Home. Thanks Toni for the support and bri…

WindsorONE Mania!

Neel Chohan, owner of Chohan Contracting out of MA sent over some pictures of the interior work he just completed. In these shots you’ll find Neel utilized every aspect of the WindsorONE offering from Trim Boards to Bead Board and the incorporatio…

Ganahl the Gorilla

Bert Ceroni of the ‘Moulding Center’ lost out on a big job but WindsorONE didn’t! Bert happened to swing by the site and knew Kurt would like to see a picture of this, stacks of WindsorONE and stored in a good place. This 14,000 sq ft spec home is…

The long "Hall"

Check out Mike Peterson of Peterson Builders here on the ladder installing the WindsorONE WOBC6 reverse style. As you can see, this is a covered porch lid and given the reverse aspects of the bead board, it was hard for them to avoid the stamp of …

WindsorONE Curb Appeal

Steve Espinoza of J&S Construction attacked two store fronts in Lake Geneva WI, Nancy’s Clothing & Mia Fascia as seen in the photographs below. You’ll get a ‘before & after’ view to see the transformation. The WindsorONE flat stock was supplied by…

WindsorONE Built-Ins

Home Owner Ruth Rechkemmer was quite tickled to see the “Call Kurt” stamp. Upon contacting us, learned her builder Tracy Kuszmaul put together some book cases for her. Two shots of Tracy’s work are included, a shelving system in the living room an…

Painter by Day........

Bass Drum at nights and weekends in the Northport Pipe & Drum Band! If you’re in the Northport NY area and need a painter, Madigan Painters are familiar working with WindsorONE. But if you’re looking for some entertainment at your next wedding, fu…

She's back! The SFDC Goddess

Adrienne left the “Y’alls” in Texas and moved back to the sunshine state, California to join once again the WindsorONE Team!?? Her first tour of duty was from 1999 to 2008 and we’re excited to have her back in the drama!

Wood and PVC integration?

Justin Kolack owns Overall Management and is subbing for a Chelsea Company out of MA on a 6000K home that was built in 1923. They tore off two smaller additions and added bigger ones with an attached garage. They are using a combination of PVC and…

WindsorONE has a new Band Member

Check out the new guy in the WindsorONE sample Room, Dave Lindgren (on left). This will be Dan’s replacement (on right), as Dan is heading into the teaching profession to help bring America’s 37th rated educational system up a notch! Good luck Dan…

Giants sweep Dodgers!

Scott Green of Windsor Mill has one huge downfall, he’s a Dodger fan. Bob Johnston of Menlo Millwork & Supply made a bet with Scott on the series, the loser had to where the winners hat and take a photo for their FaceBook page. Not only was it a s…

TKR Enthusiast - Master Craftsman Bill Fagan

While down at the ‘KatzRoad Show’ in San Francisco, Thomas ran across a long time user, ‘Fan’ of the WindsorONE Trim Product and customer of Beronio Lumber. Bill expressed he had some work to share and sent the following picture and note in. “Hi K…

Kenny Beaton - VA

Kenny is a stair builder and has been working for John McGahn Stairs for a while now. He expressed they are in an affluent area of VA near DC where the job they are on has WIndsorONE+ Protected built ins, stair treatments and bead board applicatio…

Don Vogel - IN

“Good afternoon, Received the free t-shirts, thanks again! Attached are a couple of photos from a 1945 fixxer-upper I’ve been working on. The living room had a “hip-roof” effect, the original builder measured down 18″ in each corner and sloped the…

JD Barber Construction - NH

John Barber of JD Barber Construction sent in this stair case he is building. WindsorONE trim boards were used for risers and skirt boards. John loves the clean straight product for these high traffic areas and even without a final paint coat, it …

The Smith Brothers Crew

When I asked Steve Encinas of Smith Brothers for a picture of their finish carpentry crew with their WindsorONE shirts on, he delivered it the next day. If you’ve got a project going on in Southern CA, consider Smith Brothers ‘Craftsmanship that…

Another Kim Robertson Project

Dear Kurt: I am a frugal sort of gal, so I just HAD TO make something out of the “cut off” from my last WindsorOne project. This time it is of a fine art nature. The piece is entitled “So Far from Home,” and is created on WindsorOne with acrylic p…