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Wainscoting Wonders and More by Steve Menez!

Steve Menez of Menez Interior Mouldings is turning his customers rooms into works of art.  He’s been buying his WindsorONE through The Moulding Company which has several locations around the Bay Area stocking our entire line. Below are just a few examples of his recent work, check out that craftsmanship!   Thank you Steve and […]

Straight Outta Newport

There are a lot of reasons to buy WindsorONE Protected trim boards; The 30 year warranty against insects, rot and mold can’t be beat with no off gassing and a gold indoor air quality rating.  American manufacturing helps you help yourself by building your local economy.  The craftsmanship put into WindsorONE Protected boards will pay […]

2 x 4, and 6 and 8, who do we appreciate?

Ok, ok, he didn’t use any 2×8, but here at WindsorONE we appreciate builders that focus on craftsmanship, Builders like Darrin Pagenkopp of Pagenkopp construction, check them out on Facebook.  Darrin used a ton of WindsorONE S1S2E 2×4 and 2×6 to trim out the windows and columns on this beautiful renovation in Huntington Beach, CA. […]

Not Just Your Ordinary Farmhouse, Check Out the Shiplap!

Kevin Collins of Collins Company of Sonoma, CA is finishing up a beautiful farmhouse with the popular WindsorONE 8″ WORS shiplap product for ceiling lids & wall skinning.  Take a look at the great craftsmanship that really makes this home stand out.  Sales guru Mike Stone at Golden State Lumber in San Rafael has been […]

WindsorONE Shiplap on Island Time in Pennsylvania!

Check out this awesome detail work done by Jared Miller Construction in East Berlin, PA.  The project was completed using 8″ WindsorONE shiplap (WORS8) hung vertical on a kitchen island and the results are stunning.  If working in south central Pennsylvania, WindsorONE can be ordered any of the Schmuck Lumber or John H. Myers locations with […]

Shiplap makes it's way to the midwest!

Jeremy Spillman of Spillman Contracting is raising the bar in Columbia MO with the quality of his design builds. The craftsmanship Jeremy and team put into their homes really makes them stand alone. Check out a few photos of just one of Spillman Contracting homes utilizing the popular WindsorONE WORS/shiplap profile throughout the home with […]

Serving up more than just Cheese in Wisconsin…

Wisconsin is home to the most award winning cheeses in the world. When entertaining, do you think any self respecting Wisconsinite would serve Velveeta and Saltines?  No, they would pick a local Aged Cheddar or Gouda to make an impression on their guests. Builders choose WindsorONE because it is manufactured in America and makes an […]

Dream House in Solana Beach

We’ve seen this house a few times, but now it’s all done and moving day is just around the corner for the lucky homeowners. Their new home is state of the art. All the lights, windows, doors and who knows what else, can be controlled from their cell phones! There are some great WindsorONE highlights […]

The Lyons' Share

If you’re looking to put any WindsorONE tongue and groove in your home, hurry down to Dixieline Lumber before Lyons Construction takes it all.  Bill Lyon’s, Coronado OG, has been building custom homes on the island for the last few decades.  If you’ve driven down the streets of this beautiful beach community, chances are you’ve […]

Pocket doors and cubbies and bunk beds, oh my!

I’ll stop writing about Platinum Homes and Custom Trim and Rails when they stop doing amazing work.  Dan “the man” Rule, owner of Custom Trim and Rails, showed off some of his pocket doors in one of his projects.  He will also be dressing the lid of this outdoor living space with some WindsorONE shiplap. […]

PHS Construction is in da house!

Paul Slipper is the owner of PHS Construction based out of Encinitas, CA. Here you can see the PHS Construction crew sporting their new field gear in the form of WinsorONE swag. Paul and his team are putting their craftsmanship to work installing some of the WindsorONE S4S trim boards along with the hottest ticket […]

The ultimate outdoor man cave…

This exposed porch has all the amenities a man cave needs: a fire place, heat lamps, refrigerator and big screen TV. Matthew Schlesinger owner of MTS Home Improvements just finished up his latest WindsorONE creation. He installed the WindsorONE edge and center bead SPBC4 on the lid while using the S4S+ Protected trim boards for […]

Brandon Welch knows fine dining…

What’s Brandon Welch, owner of Brandon Welch Construction saying about the WindsorONE line? “Your products are always fantastic to work with.” Check out Brandon’s newly remodeled dining room. The wainscot and coffered ceiling were put together with our S4S Trim Board line accented with profiles from the Classic American Molding Collection. Based on the photo […]

A bird’s eye view of WindsorONE…

The Audubon Society in MA is renovating a couple buildings and one of their requirements was the use of a wood product. Chris Rogers the owner of Cedarbrook General Contracting knew exactly what this rehab needed, WindsorONE+ Protected S4S Trim Boards. In the first shot below you can see that Chris built up the exterior […]

artistry in an age of boring

Few spec builders take the time to build architecturally and historically timeless homes. But when you find that one builder who treats their homes as an artist treats his canvas, you have an artisan. Javad Shahbaziyan of Eaton Homes in Houston TX uses interior millwork to create differentiation in his homes.  Javad used WindsorONE’s Classical […]

Christmas comes early for Kurt!

Stephen Weller is a lead carpenter on the team of J & C Construction & Remodeling out of the Columbia MO market. They’ve been pulling their WindsorONE through Lacrosse Lumber where their rep Dan Guill serves up their WindsorONE trim packages. Stephen and the team just completed a residential remodel in which the WindsorONE S4S […]

Bobby Chu and his construction crew…

Bobby Chu Construction is building 16 new homes in Savannah, GA!  WindsorONE S4SSE trim boards are being used for the interior and exterior treatments. A big thanks goes out to Savannah Millworks who secured the WindsorONE line for Bobby Chu through our long time distribution partner, Bluelinx.  

Lasting impressions by Thomas Leising…

Pictures are worth a thousand words however the photos below might leave you speechless. Thomas Leising is a customer of The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company in MD and recently completed the following project with the help of WindsorONE. His customer loves their new millwork which is a compilation of the Classic Colonial molding series along […]

WindsorONE has got you covered

Whether it’s covered porch lids, kitchen & family room ceilings, wainscoting or wall skinning, WindsorONE specialty boards have been dressing up customer homes for years.  Craftsman are loving using real wood once again and bringing back a Classical look that makes a home stand out.  Ganahl Lumber supplied all of the 1×8 tongue & groove […]

  At the new Trinity Forest Golf Course  golfers can perfect their game while surrounded by Shiplap. Platinum Series Homes decked out the interior of this Hitting Bay on the edge of the driving range with WindsorONE 6″ WORS/Shiplap pattern.  Platinum demonstrates true craftsmanship with clean corners and edges, creating a crisp, clean environment to put […]

Greg Bender Custom

To any true craftsman, keeping your lines straight is critical in the final product. Installing a ceiling lid between old distressed beams was made easier with the use of Windsor’s WORS Shiplap boards, keeping all sight lines accurately spaced and aligned. Huge thank you to the fine folks at Greg Bender Custom in Dallas, and […]

WindsorONE Craftsman from Coast to Coast

Architects, builders and homeowners across the US are seeing the value of the WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection.  Homeowner/builder Chris Muffels of Kensington MD was nice enough to send over a couple of shots of his Classical Craftsman collection and said “It really made my home pop.”  Give WindsorONE a call at 888-229-7900 and ask […]

Streamline Builders Finishes up for a White Christmas

The team at Streamline Builders just finished up another beautiful renovation just in time for a White Christmas.  That’s right, you’ll find “white” WindsorONE trim boards & moldings throughout this Mill Valley CA project supplied by Golden State Lumber in San Rafael. Wainscoting and walls decked out in WORS Shiplap with Craftsman style details throughout. […]

Keith Parks is making fans!

As you can see here, Keith the owner of Designs & Structure has been spreading the good cheer about a product he enjoys working with, WindsorONE. The Pure Platinum Beauty Salon is getting a makeover of their own and WindsorONE will become part of the renovation. A big thanks goes out to Keith, the team […]

X Marks the Spot

Interior barn doors are all the rage for new renovations & remodels, just check out these and the great finish work by the team at Woodwork Solutions out of Mission Viejo, CA.  WindsorONE trim boards & moldings were used throughout their latest project. Woodwork Solutions offers high end finish carpentry specializing in custom cabinetry, kitchen […]

"Put a Lid On It!!"

That’s just what the team of Barsch Woodworks of Denver, CO did on this big 10,000 sq ft custom home with WindsorONE+ Protected Specialty Boards. Builders are taking advantage of primed ceiling lids both interior & exterior with little to zero downfall that look great and are easy to install. Austin Hardwoods supplied all the […]

Healthy Living, Healthy Trim Boards

The Three Sisters Garden Project is an agricultural program that integrates sustainable farmland stewardship with food-based community engagement and education. The building in the picture below will be the market place for locals to get freshly grown vegetables. You can see the new white exterior trim that was installed by Herb Clough of Clough Contracting. […]

Wainscot your Bathrooms? Oh yeah

Nothing like really dressing up your bathrooms with some cool wainscoting love.  AJ Kirkegaard Contractors gets credit for these beautiful bathroom upgrades using all WindsorONE +Protected Specialty Boards & Wainscoting Caps from the Classic American Molding Collection.  All the material was provided by Austin Hardwoods in the Mile High City of Denver, CO.

From Fisherman to Finish Man!

Michael Rogers is the finish carpenter for Fenner Homes in South West MI. He is a lucky guy as his schedule is as follows: On Mondays this is what he does…… From Tuesday to Friday, you’ll find him putting his craftsmanship to work with WindsorONE Trim Boards they secure from Big C Lumber. A recent […]

This Bell Tower's for you!

Imagine walking into your foyer and looking up only to find this masterpiece built by Pete Colucci, owner of The Wooden Edge. That’s what you get with Pete, an “edge” given his years of finish carpentry work. Pete used the WindsorONE WOTG specialty board product he bought down at our partner Morse Sash & Door. […]

“Niv & Die” by the V-groove of WOTG6….

Niv Shokrian owner of NIV Construction shared some pictures of his recent porch lid treatments. Niv went with the WindsorONE+ Protected WOTG6 product along with our S4S flat stock for the job. Our good friends down in Orange County, Ganahl Lumber, serve up his WindsorONE needs. Tim Negretre in sales for the Costa Mesa branch […]

New lids for TL Finley

Husband and wife team of Thomas and Diana Finley of TL Finley took a well deserved break from installing a ton of WindsorONE trim and specialty boards for a quick photo.  Check out this detailed ceiling lid they tackled on their Laguna Beach renovation, all the material was supplied by Ganahl Lumber.  Oh yeah, and […]

Custom Craftsman in Dana Point CA

Joe Hample from Richard Doan Construction is trying WindsorONE for the first time on this awesome Craftsman overlooking the water in Dana Point. A big thank you to Andree Primrose of Ganahl Lumber, Capistrano Beach for introducing Joe Hampel to WindsorONE, and an honorable mention to Andreas Villasenor and crew from Unique Siding for their […]

Craftsman Exterior & Interior

This home by RW Anderson Homes in collaboration with First Lamp Architecture Construction is a perfect example of the Craftsman style. They used WindsorONE for the exterior trim boards to create architectural elements of a true 1920’s – 30’s era Craftsman home. The attention to detail and character continues into the interior as well. Read […]

WindsorONE and a shot of Jim Beam please!

The team at Howell & Howell Contracting in KY are renovating this 1911 historical home that served as a boarding house for the distillery workers at Jim Beam.  This big renovation is where you’ll find WindsorONE +Protected trim boards for exterior trim including boxed columns & beams, porch soffits and misc trim applications supplied by […]

The WindsorONE Playhouse!

Todd, a weekend warrior down in So Cal, recently built his daughter a playhouse in their backyard. The intent was for Todd to have a testing ground for a few products that he is considering for his own castle. Seers Lumber provided him with the WindsorONE S1S+ Protected product that was used for exterior trim […]

Siding Solutions hanging WOTG+

WindsorONE caught Eric Cashion of Siding Solutions hanging some 1×6 WOTG+ Protected served up through Dixieline – Miramar. End cuts are being primed to maintain the 30-year warranty on this porch lid … and the ocean view from the back of this Del Mar home is amazing.

Pacific Shore Builders - So Cal

The WindsorONE Trim Program is not unfamiliar to owner Sean Ragenovich who recently shared these great shots of his S1S2E exterior trim details.  Sean had these words to share,”Thanks again Kurt for the EXCELLENT product!! “ Frankly I can’t take the credit, that goes to the American’s working in our mill up in Willits CA. […]

WindsorONE Raceway by Gerret Marchello of Mass Appeal Construction

Gerret and his partner run and operate Mass Appeal Construction out of Long Island NY. They’re Riverhead Building Supply Customers and have used their fair share of WindsorONE+ Protected on both interior and exterior projects. Let’s also add that our partner Riverhead stocks the entire line of WindsorONE products from trim boards to specialty boards […]

Bringing Back Old School from 1904

Over a century and change since it was built, the Old Louisville Inn in Louisville, CO is getting a makeover that will bring it into the 21st century — but with its spirit intact. At least, so hopes J Fred Burns, one of the Inn’s new owners. “We decided we wanted to take the original […]

Got Trim?

Not a bad view of the Ole Mississippi River from inside this massive custom home that sits right on the bluff by Vipond Construction of Chaska MN.  You’ll find WindsorONE “protected” S4S as the trim of choice for the exterior application and throughout the interior as well.  Lampert Lumber supplying all the WindsorONE for this […]

G2 Gatorades go down as easy WOBC6 goes up!

On these warm 86° Coronado days, the fellers from Brady Hayek Custom Homes were especially grateful for the cold Gatorades. One of the beauties behind Windsor’s 1×6 WOBC6+ Protected is the versatility for Exterior and Interior use … as seen on this new custom home. A huge thanks going to Dennis Blackburn of Dixieline Lumber […]

Don Hyre & WindsorONE

Don Hyre the owner of Hyre Construction recently called in from the Clifton VA area which is a historical district.  In this case, certain materials are required to meet the historical board needs.  That is where WindsorONE+ Protected came into play as exterior treatments.  In addition, Don has taken WindsorONE trim boards and Specialty Boards […]

San Diego showing off true Craftsmanship 

This Point Loma home was recently remodeled using a variety of WindsorONE S4SSE boards and some cove molding. The exterior trim work and columns look amazing … and we couldn’t thank the men at Vanberg Construction enough for their support. Special shout out going to Shelly & Mario at Dixieline Lumber, La Mesa for introducing […]

Tired of Looking at Sheetrock?

Time to turn those plain flat walls of sheetrock into a classic look with raised panel wainscoting as shown here by ReConstruct of Denver, CO.  The finish team of ReConstruct used WindsorONE S4S 1×6 trim boards for most of this application along with Federal Panel Mold for detail.  All material provided by the great people […]


Another big custom home from Adam Foresteire of Foresteire Customs in Spencer, MA is where you will find WindsorONE throughout his fine finish work.  Follow the WindsorONE  risers & skirt boards all the way up this custom staircase.  Thanks for the photo Adam, material provided by Koopman Lumber.

Cathedral Style Ceiling Tongue & Groove

The crews of JL Madison General Contractors and Donahue Construction had nothing but praise for their use of Windsor products on this remodel/addition in Hidden Hills CA. Every room in the home has cathedral ceilings lined with 1×8 Hawaiian T&G and the smooth side of 2×6 S1S2E. Box beams are 1×12 S4S, and the exterior […]

No ceiling like a WOTG ceiling!

A huge thanks to the men of OC Hauswerks for all the Windsor product used on this whole house remodel in Irvine CA. 1×6 WOTG skins the whole interior ceiling, while our S4S boards and the backside of the S1S2E boards trim out the new windows and doors. Next time you need a remodel done […]

Spice Up Your Entry with WindsorONE

The team at Landric Associates out of St Paul, MN turned this standard entry way into a cool covered porch with the help of WindsorONE specialty boards and flat stock.  After a finish coat of paint, this entry will look amazing.  Great work guys.  All material was provided by Shaw Stewart Lumber.

WORS alive in San Diego

Huge thanks going out to the crew of Rimmer Construction ( in Cardiff, CA for covering this kitchen / dining lid with WORS. Minimal gapping in this application (1/16″), which is easily attainable with the butt joint shiplap. It’ll look awesome when complete … and the guys are already loving their shirts! Recognition going out […]

Custom Kitchens by Martin and Co. Rockin' the WindsorOne in Rochester

The team at Martin & Co. do some of the finest work in the upstate NY region specializing in custom kitchen and bath remodels. These before and after photos of a project designed by Jennifer Richards show some great work using WindsorOne boards and Classic American Moldings. All of the material was purchased through Rochester […]

Wainscoting for Sketchup Users

Looking to incorporate some wainscoting into your Sketchup project? There are a variety of WindsorONE wainscoting files for you to use in your models.. (including inside & outside corners for each style). The WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection, Trim Boards & Specialty Tongue & Groove Boards are referenced as components in each file. You can […]

Dress Up Your Porch with WindsorONE

Great looking porch upgrade in the Pacific Northwest from the team at Concept Construction out of Seattle.  Wrapped columns, ceiling lids, stair skirt & risers all get the WindsorONE “protected” trim boards from Dunn Lumber.  Thanks to Concept Construction for sharing the photo.  

Hats off to Anderson Contracting in MA

  Thanks to Anderson Contracting in Lawrence MA for sending over a snapshot after finishing a big interior renovation with WindsorONE flat stock and moldings.  Check out the Classical Craftsman crown around the ceiling edge for detail.  Anderson Contracting partnered up with Arlington Coal & Lumber for all their building materials.

JDL Construction Fulfilling Dreams in SoCal

It is this unique combination that has made Coastal Orange County’s premier residential contractor since 1998.  Teaming with and  and bringing dreams to a reality.  Thanks to the JDL team for sending over a few photos of your great work.

Keep on Rockin in the RI....

Michael Lewis of M Lewis Carpentry Company loves rocking the WindsorONE for all his custom interiors.  Below you can see Mike having some fun in his “King of Boards” shirt while playing some air guitar.  If you’re looking for some WindsorONE, head on down to Riverhead Building Supply in RI which has two locations and […]

Got Wood Sighting!

Jeff & Josh Kravitz of Code Construction were sighted down in Menlo Park working on both the interior and exterior of a home not just using WindsorONE but showing the support by sporting their “Got Wood” field gear.   If you’re in the area, drop on by Randall Enterprises, aka The Moulding Company for all your […]

WinddzzzzzzzzzzorONE Bed?

When Willy Hammond called up for his shirts, learned he was making his client a bed using both WindsorONE flat stock and beadboard for decorative elements. The results of his craftsmanship can be seen in this shot of his project. Outstanding Willy! Product was secured down at Austin Hardwoods where Rusty at the counter can […]

Popular Beaded Ceilings

Check out one of Jas Design Build’s latest renovations where WindsorONE WOTG was used for the beaded ceiling lid.  This clean look is grabbing attention and you can see why.  Give Dunn Lumber a call today and ask about WindsorONE beaded products.

Deck Wrap done right by Don Hutchins….

12 years ago Don needed some deck wrap trim to add an element of finish detail and went with some 1×12” WindsorONE.   12 years later it still looks beautiful and 12 years later Don is still working with WindsorONE. Along with this small sample of Don’s work, you can learn more about his services and […]

Paul's new potty....

Paul Meltzer is a retired craftsman. Recently he had a crew do some work on his home, he was quite impressed with the trim they bought, WindsorONE from Koopman Lumber.   Paul being an ex-carpenter said, “Wow, this stuff looks really nice.” He then called for shirts for he and the crew, per Paul, he wouldn’t […]

WindsorONE Mania by the Mayven Crew……

Check out these interior details by Ask the Mayven Inc out of Demarest NJ. , These loyal Kuiken Brothers – Emerson supporters recently showed off their finish details with some pictures sent over to us. All the details are made of WindsorONE products with the majority being our S4S flat stock manipulated into their customers […]

Get your chair rail right

In case you missed it, revisiting a comprehensive article on chair rail installation Brent Hull did for It goes over how to set up proper classical proportion in a room and reviews some of the most common chair rail mistakes. See the full article at Also check out Brent’s book, Building a Timeless […]

Kurt makes a house call

While traveling with Corbin Rinehart, Prouduct Specialist, our very own Kurt “The Kilt” made a house call to see some current work from Dumond Construction was working on today.  Jerry Dumond met us in this gorgeous upcoming neighborhood in Rockland, MA.  Jerry was using WindsorOne for some of the exterior trim boards and also informed […]

The Shirt off John's back.....

John Hunt of H&L Builders in Clayton CA was kind enough to give me the shirt off his back! In exchange, he got himself and crew some new field gear from WindsorONE for his continued support through The Moulding Company. . Thanks John for donating a shirt for the Wall of Fame!

Weather Permitting

The weather has been tough for so many of you on the East Coast this year, but hang in there blue skies are coming. In the West, Baytown Builders are moving forward with their addition in Newport Beach. Baytown Builders  – (310) 749-9814 Servicing Los Angeles & Orange County Call John Chavez to discuss your […]

This Old House:  WindsorONE Classical Colonial Style Crown Molding

In this episode of  This Old House,  Bob Villa chats historic moldings with Brent Hull, historical millwork expert and designer of the WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection.  Carpenter Bob Riley & crew (above) adapt the Classical Colonial Cornice buildup for this space in the step by step video. Brent & Bob discuss historical moldings Bob […]

Katz & Crew Using WindsorONE T&G on the New Shop

Gary Katz is documenting the build of his new shop. In this video they’re installing WindsorONE T&G for the soffit. They include tips on checking moisture content, fastening, etc. Read the full post here.  And for more how-to on all your carpentry projects check out

Legacy Home Builders

A big shout out and thank you goes out to Marcello Sousa of Legacy Home Builders in Milford, MA. Marcello is currently using WindsorONE protected trim boards on a job in Needham, MA for all of the exterior trim. They buy most of their Windsor products from Koopman Lumber. Thanks and keep up the great […]

Petra Builders

A big shoutout and thank you goes to Mark Goodinson and his right hand man Norm of Petra Home Builders. They are currently working on a 23 lot subdivision in Seakonk, MA where you will find WindsorOne trim boards on the interior and exterior. Mark bought all the material for this job from Humphrey’s in […]

Coffered Ceilings on Long Island

Thanks to the crew at J Petrocelli Contracting for sharing some of their craftsmanship on this coffered ceiling in a conference room on Long Island, all while sporting the WindsorONE T’s.  Another happy customer of Riverhead Building Supplies.

idea gallery

Are you thinking about enhancing the ceilings on your next project? Adding wainscoting to complete a room? Need some mantel ideas? Check out the WindsorONE Idea Gallery – a growing collection of images from the WindsorONE archive, and jobsite photos that talented craftsman from around the country have sent in of their WindsorONE projects. (You […]

Plumb House Builders - Milford, MA

A big thank you goes out to Plumb House Builders of Milford, MA who is currently working on a 428 unit apartment complex in Cambridge, MA.  WindsorONE trim boards are being used for all of the interior trim work.  Jeff Bergeron and Jim Gallagher are working hard to make these units look great with “miles […]

Old Gristmill Tavern - Seakonk, MA

Reinke Construction Company is currently in the process of rebuilding the Old Gristmill Tavern in Seakonk, MA after a fire destroyed much of the building in June. The full story on the fire can be found at the link below. Jim Reinke and his crew are using WindsorONE trimboards for the interior on this remodel […]

KBS Building Systems - East Bridgewater, MA

A big shout out and thank you goes to Todd Donovan, a sub contractor for KBS Building Systems in Massachusetts, who is current installing WindsorOne+ Protected trim boards on the interior of all of the modular homes in Meadowbrook Estates.  Todd does a great job and should be recognized for his hard work.  Keep up […]

Quality Builders Son- Pt Loma, CA

The hard working crew from Quality Builders Son snapped a few photos of this huge kitchen ceiling lid while on a coffee break.  Definitely a detailed project with all the electrical cans, skylights and vents to cut around while installing WindsorONE WOBC6 bead board, but these guys make it look easy.   Awesome looking work, […]

Vonnegut Thoreau Construction  - San Francisco

Before & after pictures of this 1875 San Francisco victorian give you a good understanding of why Vonnegut Thoreau Construction is an artisan-style builder, which means they approaches every project with a combination of skilled craftsmanship, careful management and attention to the client’s unique needs. Travis Kappes, part of the artisan-style building team at Vonnegut Thoreau Construction, […]

WindsorONE Wednesday

Scott Schneider runs a young crew and recently called in for shirts. He informed me that he mandatorily requires his team to sport their field gear on Wednesday’s, hence the photo caption. They pull their trim needs through Carolina Lumber, a longtime partner and supporter of WindsorONE. When the whistle blows, this team then heads […]

Does your home stand out?

Saunders Custom Builders of Long Beach, CA sure turned this home from boring to beautiful with their recent exterior renovation.  You’ll find WindsorONE on the fascia, rakes, soffits and trim around this home.  Another great project where supplied all the material

Greg Putman Construction - HI

Greg the owner recently emailed this over to us, per Greg, “ALOHA ,  here is a home I built in 2006 that used an enormous amount of your interior product exclusively”   Putman Construction Custom Home with broker contact info.  Thanks for sharing the pictures Greg!

Raised Panels in Georgia!!

A homeowner/builder/craftsman is restoring a 34 yr old home with a 7-piece wainscot/raised panel and tons of detailed interior trim throughout with WindsorONE and kind enough to send over a few finish photos.  Fantastic looking work, all the material provided by Carolina Lumber & Supply. Home

Kuiken Demo Days this Week!

WindsorONE is participating in Kuiken Bros. demo days this week highlighting installation tips, tricks, and best practices. Stop by for a cup of copy and to learn how WindsorONE provides you with the right tools to complete your projects. Monday- Warwick 7:30- 10:30 AM Wantage 12:30- 3:30 PM Tuesday- Succasunna 12:30- 3:30 PM Wednesday- Roseland […]

A Library By The Expert

Brent Hull, historical millwork expert and designer of the WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection, shows stunning craftsmanship & detail in this library project they recently completed down at the Hull Historical shop. Incredible work! Check the link & the video!

Walsh Carpentry getting busy

James Walsh owner of Walsh Carpentry shows off some of his craftsmanship from stairs to mantels using WindsorONE.  It’s no wonder they are staying busy in and around Maperville, RI. Great work James!! Maperville, RI. Great work James!!

Are you a Sketchup user?

The WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection is available in Sketchup (dxf, dwg too if you prefer). You can download from the 3D warehouse or check out the files & details on the website, here. We would love to see your models! Comment w/ links here or post at

WindsorONE- for every occasion

Allen Montemango, owner of Montemango Construction was building a lodge, cabins and storage room for a big hunting ranch in Central Texas. Allen grabbed WindsorONE when he needed straight, stable flat stock for various applications around the ranc…

Dress your ceiling up with WindsorONE T&G

That’s exactly what Ken Wilson Construction did on a customer’s lake house in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Ken was kind enough to send over a few photos of the big ceiling lids with WindsorONE T&G (SPBC4). Nice work Ken, thanks for the photos, that’s a ton …

Killer mantel and interior detail

Matt Brogan and the crew of Deorgetti Construction are remodeling the interior of a home with WindsorONE. The highlight of the project is the fireplace mantel in the living room. Thanks for sharing the photos with us Matt!

Painter by Day........

Bass Drum at nights and weekends in the Northport Pipe & Drum Band! If you’re in the Northport NY area and need a painter, Madigan Painters are familiar working with WindsorONE. But if you’re looking for some entertainment at your next wedding, fu…

Artisan Carpentry Strikes Again

How can classical design make you home timeless, and just look and feel right? Ask Josh from Artisan Carpentry who is making a name for himself by doing just that for your home.Check out a couple of Josh’s most recent projects, a beautiful portico…

K-I's Framer's Luncheon

Kentucky-Indiana Lumber held their annual framer’s luncheon with a great turnout. This year was even more special for K-I because they celebrated their 80th year in business! A couple of lucky builders posed for the camera after winning Windsor’s …

Technology in Remodeling

NARI Bucks- Mont chapter held an education seminar, “Technology in Remodeling”.Just like technology has changed the way we live, it has also brought innovation to remodeling/building and designing.One cool iPad/ iPhone app is called Magicplan. Usi…

Porch makeover in NY

Ever want to dress up your entry/porch? That’s just what Villa Terranova Projects is doing in Hawthorne, NY. Carlo Valente, owner and crew are dressing up this porch with new fascia, soffits & column wraps all with WindsorONE. Will look great when…

MJM Construction exposed in SoCal

Jorge Avila, partner, MJM Construction in Laguna Beach is hanging “miles” of WindsorONE T&G for exposed ceilings on a big renovation. Jorge and crew are alternating 6″ & 8″ T&G for a unique look. Jorge said “the boards are so straight we don’t hav…

Curry Construction, MD knows how to finish

When he’s not fishing, you can find Bill Curry, owner of Curry Construction of Lusby, MD honing his craftsmanship on some trick finish work. When it comes to paint grade projects, Bill always grabs WindsorONE from TW Perry to make his customers ha…

Who else uses Windsor?

While the builders, true Craftsman use WindsorONE when they want to represent themselves as the professionals they are, some inside the Industrial channel are also fans of the product and swear buy it. One example is Connor Homes, located in Middl…

Beautifully- Designed Kitchen Hood!

Josh from Artisan Carpentry of the Main Line comes through with, yet another beautiful project. This particular client had a kitchen built about 7 years ago and the hood never was designed. Like many projects, this was not without it’s fair share …

Loudoun County, VA - Jon Canigiani

Jon Canigiani provided these pictures of his latest projects. This is the first time John???s projects have been posted on Back of the Board. Here is a link to Jon???s past project that was on TOTB:…

TKR Enthusiast - Master Craftsman Bill Fagan

While down at the ‘KatzRoad Show’ in San Francisco, Thomas ran across a long time user, ‘Fan’ of the WindsorONE Trim Product and customer of Beronio Lumber. Bill expressed he had some work to share and sent the following picture and note in. “Hi K…

UPS driver by day, craftsman by weekend

Our local UPS driver here in Cotati, Brian Hoxsie has been playing craftsman on weekends after loading thousands of boxes of shirts, samples, catalogs etc for WindsorONE during the week. Check out a little of Brian’s work adding some detail to his…

Katz Roadshow- Anderson Plywood, CA

The Katz Roadshow is now making its way through California with its first stop at Anderson Plywood in Culver City. Nice work Anderson Plywood with getting 150+ attendees to invest in their time and expanding their education of carpentry!


Brian Franzson of BK Framing has sent in another great picture! Brian is standing proudly next to his amazing built in. If you live in the Metropolitan New York or Bergen County area then you have access to BK Framing – – Lucky You BK Framing (201…

The Smith Brothers Crew

When I asked Steve Encinas of Smith Brothers for a picture of their finish carpentry crew with their WindsorONE shirts on, he delivered it the next day. If you’ve got a project going on in Southern CA, consider Smith Brothers ‘Craftsmanship that…


Like many builders, Brian used his initials to signature his company and craftsmanship. BK Framing But after Brian sent me pictures of his built-in projects, I think he should change the company name to BIK = BUILT IN KING If you’re in Leonia New …

New End Cuts Bottle/Applicator

Notice anything different? Other than the bigger size, the new applicator tip is more rugged, made of plastic fibers vs the soft foam from the older version. The soft foam tips were fine, but builders typically treated it as a brush instead of dab…

Loyal WindsorONE user

Ronald Austin from Home Renovations in Valley Cottage NY shows off his Got Wood T Shirt at the ABC Show in Atlaantic City NJ with Sean. Ronald says he doesnt use any other product and will drive for miles in his area he is working to find WindsorO…

Wm Mumford Jr.

You can find Bill and his crew building this new home in the beautiful beach community of Stone Harbor, NJ.WindsorONE boards and moldings are no stranger for Bill, Asher Associates Architects, nor Stone Harbor, which is booming with new home const…

Soffit and Porch Ceiling

Check out how the soffits and porch looks with our 4″ Beaded Ceiling! Excellent install job just makes this old Denver style craftsman house look amazing. Great project in Washington Park. Architect – Nest Architectural Design, www.nestarch.comBui…

White Oak WindsorONE?

What to do when you need W1 quality but have a stain grade job? Joe at Blue Mountain Builders has figured it out. Check out the glaze applied on W1 in his new showroom in Conifer, CO (elev 8100′). Fooled this old hardwood guy! Www.bluemountainkitc…

Mor-Son / Clifton Boyz Construction

Mor-Son / Clifton Boyz Construction has a new website that has WindsorONE all over it. From the Thomas on the Board post to the brand new logo these builders love WIndsorONE. Go check their new site out and see how they do what do : http://www.mor…

MJR Restoration & Remodeling

Mike and crew are building a new Patio in sunny Danville, Ca. They are using the Backside of the SPBC4 for the v-grove on the ceiling. Mike Love WindsorONE and even used WindsorONE Classical Craftsman molding on his own home.