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"There's No Place like Home.."

Just like Dorothy from the Wizard Oz, the crew at NSPJ Architects believe there’s no place like home! Thanks to NSPJ Architects in Prairie Village, Kansas for hosting an AIA lunch & learn today.  Be sure to check out NSPJ Architects if you are in the Kansas City area! Welcome to the Website for NSPJ […]

Craftsman Exterior & Interior

This home by RW Anderson Homes in collaboration with First Lamp Architecture Construction is a perfect example of the Craftsman style. They used WindsorONE for the exterior trim boards to create architectural elements of a true 1920’s – 30’s era Craftsman home. The attention to detail and character continues into the interior as well. Read […]

A Stunning Example of a Colonial Revival Home

It’s always a treat to see a newly completed project from Brent Hull. Brent is a nationally recognized authority on historic design, architecturally correct moldings & millwork… and the designer of the WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection. Check out the full story of the addition and interior work done on this 1940s Colonial Revival home.

Wainscoting for Sketchup Users

Looking to incorporate some wainscoting into your Sketchup project? There are a variety of WindsorONE wainscoting files for you to use in your models.. (including inside & outside corners for each style). The WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection, Trim Boards & Specialty Tongue & Groove Boards are referenced as components in each file. You can […]

Popular Beaded Ceilings

Check out one of Jas Design Build’s latest renovations where WindsorONE WOTG was used for the beaded ceiling lid.  This clean look is grabbing attention and you can see why.  Give Dunn Lumber a call today and ask about WindsorONE beaded products.

Get your chair rail right

In case you missed it, revisiting a comprehensive article on chair rail installation Brent Hull did for It goes over how to set up proper classical proportion in a room and reviews some of the most common chair rail mistakes. See the full article at Also check out Brent’s book, Building a Timeless […]

This Old House:  WindsorONE Classical Colonial Style Crown Molding

In this episode of  This Old House,  Bob Villa chats historic moldings with Brent Hull, historical millwork expert and designer of the WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection.  Carpenter Bob Riley & crew (above) adapt the Classical Colonial Cornice buildup for this space in the step by step video. Brent & Bob discuss historical moldings Bob […]

6 Rules For Using Moldings In Your Home

Building with History: Molding from Brent Hull on Vimeo. Brent Hull, historical millwork expert, founder of Hull Historical and designer of the WindsorONE Molding Collection goes over the do’s and don’ts of using moldings in this episode of ‘Building With History.’ Abstract below, see the full post at The Timeless House blog. “Although nearly all […]

A Library By The Expert

Brent Hull, historical millwork expert and designer of the WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection, shows stunning craftsmanship & detail in this library project they recently completed down at the Hull Historical shop. Incredible work! Check the link & the video!

Are you a Sketchup user?

The WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection is available in Sketchup (dxf, dwg too if you prefer). You can download from the 3D warehouse or check out the files & details on the website, here. We would love to see your models! Comment w/ links here or post at

CAD Profiles

The WindsorONE CAD profiles are available in .dxf, .dwg & now sketchup. (On CD & look for them on our new website launch next month, ..also available on current website, dxf & dwg at this link: )

Wm Mumford Jr.

You can find Bill and his crew building this new home in the beautiful beach community of Stone Harbor, NJ.WindsorONE boards and moldings are no stranger for Bill, Asher Associates Architects, nor Stone Harbor, which is booming with new home const…

Sorci And Swords Interior Design

Sorci and Swords, located in downtown Nashville, TN, specializes in modern design for healthcare facilities, restaurants and retail, and occasionally residential projects.The friendly designers of this firm learned how historical moldings make a r…

Soffit and Porch Ceiling

Check out how the soffits and porch looks with our 4″ Beaded Ceiling! Excellent install job just makes this old Denver style craftsman house look amazing. Great project in Washington Park. Architect – Nest Architectural Design, www.nestarch.comBui…