Greek Revival & Other Floor to Ceiling Ideas Inspired by Greek Molding Profiles

Greek Revival is one of the four main styles from the Classic American Molding Collection from WindsorONE, designed by Brent Hull of Hull Works. The Idea Book expands off of the original Greek Revival design, and provides more options for floor to ceiling styles inspired from those same Greek profiles. Below are some samples, detailed full room elevation drawings are also available for each style idea:

Greek Mantel Designs Available
Play with the height of the crossetted casing corners. See which works best for your project.
Example of Greek Revival with Shiplap Walls by the teams at DK construction and Smith Design
3 piece crown buildup featuring Greek Revival Crown molding WOCM004 by Carver Young Woodworking

All WindsorONE products have a Gold Indoor Air Quality Rating and are manufactured in the U.S.A. Interested in seeing how craftsmanship pays? Request a sample!

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