A Greek Revival Forever Home: A Statement Pediment, Classical Details, and Other Trim Ideas

Classical, bright, fresh are just a few words that come to mind when describing Gwen Hefner’s country home “Three Pastures.” How do make new construction feel like it’s been there for over a hundred years? You can see the story of this home from breaking ground to finish work on her instagram page @TheMakerista (and an account specific to construction of the home at @threepastures ). A variety of Classical Greek Revival trim ideas are incorporated throughout the project. The balance between incorporating bold classical millwork features and it having that homey country feel is perfection.  

Classic pediment and engaged columns as a range surround

Case in point: The concept of a range hood is taken to the next level with this pediment range hood with engaged columns. A showstopper that draws you in to the tiles and hardware details of the range.

Gwen’s note on historical accuracy:

When you’re building a home that you want to feel centuries old, the kitchen can be a hard one. There weren’t many indoor kitchens in the late 1800s, so the idea of this home having a nice sized kitchen from the get go wasn’t a narrative that made sense. So we played with the idea of something being added later. I knew I wanted to do the range here because we did a faux chimney outside in this spot to match the fireplace in the living room.

This gave us the chance to create a nook and @whatwouldtomforddo of @nobledesigns had the fabulous idea to nod to Greek Revival with a pediment, what inspired much of the house design. I love that it quietly speaks to the bones of the home while feeling interesting and fresh. I’ve had some criticism that a pediment doesn’t make sense in this space, but it’s not about accuracy here, it’s about a look, and it’s one that I really love!

The front elevation is straight out of classical millwork book. While not a true kitchen feature of the period, a great modern take on implementing a classical design.

Beaded kitchen cabinets with brass hardware matching beaded casing around windows
Beaded kitchen cabinets matching beaded casing

It starts with perfectly planned framing; the 6” casing buildup lines up perfectly with the lower cabinetry. Beaded trim around the drawers and cabinets complements the Greek Revival beaded casing on the door and window trim. For the windows themselves, they looked to historical millwork expert and designer of the WindsorONE Classic American Molding Collection, Brent Hull. The brass hardware and classic Carrara marble counters create a refined backdrop for that feature pediment.

Stair skirt detail with mitered base and back band

WOBM001 Base molding mitered and WOBB002 backband along the skirtboard; details make the home.

WindsorONE Greek Revival Casing with WOCS009 Beaded Casing, bath
WindsorONE Greek Revival Casing with WOCS009 Beaded Casing, upper hallway

Above, Greek #9, Greek Revival scaled up with WOCS009 substituted for WOCS007

WindsorONE Greek Revival Casing with WOCS007 Beaded Casing
WindsorONE Greek Revival Casing with WOCS008 Beaded Casing
WindsorONE Greek Revival Casing with WOCS009 Beaded Casing

Above, left to right: Greek Revival with Beaded Casing sizes WOCS007, WOCS008 & WOCS009.

Mantel details crossetted Greek Revival

Left: A mantel detail that uses mostly WindsorONE profiles. Right: A take on the mantel that also incorporates WindsorONE Greek Revival crown WOCM004.

Front view and casing details for Greek Revival Splayed Casing, WOGRK007
Historical Drawing of Splayed Casing, Parlor Doors
Historical Drawing of Splayed Casing, Hall Door
Elevation drawing of Greek Revival Splayed Casing

An inspiration straight from the history books. This type of splayed casing was used on side doors for the Parthenon. Above drawings of it being implemented in the historic Wycoff-Burlew Greek Revival home in upstate New York. Pulling off the splayed casing installation requires some advanced carpentry skills.

Detail of splayed casing, Greek Revival style door way casing
Paneled door jamb with beaded casing

Remember in the planning phase to add a moment for a paneled jamb like this one!

WindsorONE Greek Revival Idea Book

For more door and window trim ideas featuring Greek Revival, check out the Greek Revival Idea book.

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