A Modern or Traditional Farmhouse?

Farmhouse, in and of itself is not exactly a style of home. Originally it was considered more of a functional aspect; upon which styles were applied (Rustic Farmhouse, Dutch Colonial Farmhouse, Greek Revival Farmhouse, etc.) As it’s been surging in popularity in recent years, the concept of a Farmhouse home has evolved.

Over the years, we’ve seen the WindsorONE community of builders & architects take cues from both contemporary homes and the classic styles of yesterday, to create homes with a farmhouse feel.

We’ve curated a portion of these images in the new “WindsorONE Farmhouse Idea Book” which you can download below. More than just shiplap, you’ll see v-groove & beadboard as well as S4S trim used throughout. Here are some excerpts:

While the modern living space is filled out with WindsorONE Shiplap, and the traditional uses WOTG V-groove for the ceiling, the approach is similar: Walls and ceilings are opportunities for crisp clean lines to enhance and draw the eye throughout the space.

Above, a comparison of 2 hallway/window bay spaces and 2 storage areas. It’s interesting to see how both storage shelving and benches use S4SSE trim and shiplap, but yield completely different results with contrast & proportion.

All WindsorONE products are made from wood that is harvested sustainably and our mills all use zero-waste manufacturing practices; every part of the tree is used and the waste from our mills is all recycled. All WindsorONE products have a Gold Indoor Air Quality Rating, which means it is a building material with no harmful off-gassing; safe to use anywhere in your home. Health Starts at Home

(from the WindsorONE archive)
(photo courtesy of Woods Architecture LLC)

Above, contrast between traditional and modern style farmhouse exteriors.


Safe for the interior, durable for the exterior. WindsorONE Protected boards offer a 30 Year Warranty* against rot, insects and mold. This proprietary Tru-core technology is an ecologically sound, water-bourne protection process. Great for porch lids, soffits, fascia, column wraps.. (Note, WindsorONE is not recommended for siding applications.. Here’s a list of approved uses. (*Warranty is based on proper installation, see windsorone.com/install )

photos clockwise from top left: Seven Development & Woods Architecture LLC, Greg Bender Custom, Woodwork Solutions, Spillman Contracting


Mixing WindsorONE with stain-grade accents is another farmhouse trend we’re seeing. And of course, there are the barn doors which often involve either WindsorONE S4S or Tongue & Groove boards.

Primed wood precision shiplap & nickel gap boards are perfect for Farmhouse homes.

Beadboard, v-groove, plantation and S4S for your walls and ceilings, if you’re looking to mix it up from the shiplap look.

Trim board casings comprised of S4SSE combinations, offer a paired down clean lines for window & door casings.


WindsorONE is manufactured in the U.S.A. and available at your local pro lumberyard

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