Rustic & Refined: Rough Timber and Shiplap Help Complete This Serene Space

So many wonderful design choices made in this space. The play of textures between the rough timber and clean shiplap lines really help bring this relaxing living room space together. A great example of bringing the outdoors in, with material choice and that wall of windows looking out upon the trees. Thank you Geoff for the pics and the kinds words:

“…no paint on your product yet but it still looks amazing.  Appreciate the quality you guys are producing.”  -Geoff Petty

And a big thanks to The Moulding Company for serving up the material, and helping to Build America

Primed wood WindsorONE Shiplap, rustic wood beams, stain grade window frame & grill help bring nature in. S4S Window Casing ties into top of shiplap, nicely done!
Note, 5/4 S4S for casing, base & cap, helps create a nice shadow line over the 3/4″ shiplap.
What a beautiful relaxing space!

If you like the look of mixing stain grade elements in with WindsorONE primed wood boards, you can see more like this in the idea gallery.

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