Trimming Out Rooms for the Little Ones

Trim details can really make a house feel like a home. Check out these wonderful spaces Tim put together for his young son and new baby. A shiplap feature wall & S4S Craftsman fill out his son’s room. Top it off with a box beam addition in S4S as an anchor for the ceiling fan. Baby’s room features beadboard wainscoting with WOWC006 cap. All WindsorONE Products have a Gold Indoor Air Quality Rating, for builders & homeowners who are selective about what building materials they use and know that Health Starts at Home.

WORS6 Shiplap feature wall. S4S Craftsman window trim. S4SSE box beam on ceiling.
WORS6 Shiplap feature wall. S4S Craftsman door trim. WOCM006 crown.
Reading nook with shades of blue on the shiplap.
What a cool space for a little kid to hang out!
WOBC6 wainscoting capped with WOWC006 wainscot cap and S4SSE base.

Thank you Tim & family for sharing pics and choosing WindsorONE!

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Color schemes for those rooms were perfect.


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