Snowing in Hawaii? Yep! It’s Snowing WindsorONE!


The rumors are true, it is snowing on the Big Island of Hawaii.. but here on the island of Kauai it is snowing WindsorONE!! Todd Dorny and his crew have done a beautiful job using WindsorONE T&G to cover the walls of this glorious Hawaiian home. Pictured above is John, outside sales rep for Honsador Lumber, who goes above and beyond to provide the best customer service! Also pictured, is a crew member sporting WindsorONE swag because he called Kurt “the Kilt” at the WindsorONE offices and got a t-shirt!

Thank you to Todd Dorny for being a loyal WindsorONE user and also thanks to the Honsador Lumber Lihue team for providing a great partnership to work with!


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