“Niv & Die” by the V-groove of WOTG6….

Niv Shokrian owner of NIV Construction shared some pictures of his recent porch lid treatments. Niv went with the WindsorONE+ Protected WOTG6 product along with our S4S flat stock for the job. Our good friends down in Orange County, Ganahl Lumber, serve up his WindsorONE needs. Tim Negretre in sales for the Costa Mesa branch […]

Deck Wrap done right by Don Hutchins….

12 years ago Don needed some deck wrap trim to add an element of finish detail and went with some 1×12” WindsorONE.   12 years later it still looks beautiful and 12 years later Don is still working with WindsorONE. Along with this small sample of Don’s work, you can learn more about his services and […]