Lake House Trimmed Out in Shiplap & Greek Revival

The team at DK construction and Smith Design have finished up this stellar home on Eagle Mountain Lake. (You may recall the jobsite visit last year). Attention to detail on this project shows that Craftsmanship Pays. Check the photos below for a tour of this beautiful home, featuring Greek Revival Moldings, and for the shiplap style the opted for the WindsorONE’s Nickel Gap Boards with a preset 3/16″ gap..
Thank you to the teams at DK Construction & Smith Design for choosing to Build America by selecting trim that’s manufactured in the USA. And of course thank you to Teague Lumber and Bobby Jinkens for providing the WindsorONE!

The home features Greek Revival Moldings & Nickel Gap WOSN8 Boards topped with WOWC006 cap.

For this project, they added a custom plinth block to the Greek Revival style moldings.
Feature window & skylights flood the space with light, enhancing the patterned lines of the WindsorONE Nickel Gap Boards on the walls. Colorful furnishings pop with the neutral backdrop.
In progress & final pic.
Lines & patterns give this home character & warmth
Textured wall paper with Greek Revival Moldings; the unifying the trim throughout the house.
Detail of Greek Revival Casing in a tight corner. Apron & Stool buildup on the right.
Shiplap on walls and half wall, capped with WOWC006
Greek Revival Moldings and Nickel Gap lines, patterned tile as a backdrop for the tub.
Greek Revival Moldings and cool fish wallpaper 🙂
Palette of natural finishes, white shiplap lines and pops of color runs throughout the home.
Strong wall paper game continues into the bedroom trimmed with Greek Revival Moldings.
Small window with moldings adapted to the smaller space.
Built-in bunk beads with headboards framed out in S4SSE & WOWC006.
Mixing stain-grade shelves with primed wood Nickel Gap boards in the pantry.
Nickel Gap lines draw your eye to the focal point of the space.
Maximizing the space under the stairs with a hidden shiplap/nickel gap door
Playful patterns continue with the downstairs tiles. Nickel Gap wraps the space.
A nice porch to hang out on, trimmed out with S4SSE trim boards.
Bold color continues to the outside with this blue Beadboard porch lid.

Thank you DK construction and Smith Design for proving once again that Craftsmanship Pays!

Below are some references if you’re looking to achieve a similar look on your project:

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