Revisited: WindsorONE Shiplap and a Hidden Gun Room

Matt Risinger and Jordan Smith revisit a project featuring WindsorONE Shiplap. If you’re not already familiar, these guys are big advocates for Making Craftsmanship Great Again, check their instagram & youtube channels to see some of their work. In this video they revisit this hidden shiplap door project; Offering more tips & tricks, going over product selection and some things they might have done have done differently.

Jordan offers some tips on where to focus alignment, and contrasts WindsorONE Shiplap with existing shiplap that was used on the ceiling.

“[WindsorONE] It’s a premium product.. it really makes install very easy.”

Check the youtube vid. (Full video with all the details of this project, starts here). Thanks Matt & Jordan for spreading the word about craftsmanship pays and choosing WindsorONE Shiplap! You can learn more about WindsorONE Shiplap and Nickel Gap Product here.

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