A Hidden Door Project with WindsorONE Shiplap

Matt Risinger & Jordan Smith are builders, authors & all around advocates for fine craftsmanship. Check out this video from Risinger’s youtube channel with an overview of this neat hidden door project featuring WindsorONE Shiplap boards.

“Tell me about this shiplap and why you chose this particular shiplap…”

“It doesn’t have any knots and it’s super stable… You’re not culling a bunch of material out of it…”

“It’s pre-primed, so it’s very easy to get this nice finish on it, as opposed to the big box store version that was on the ceiling…”

Thanks to Matt & Jordan for helping to Make Craftsmanship Great Again! Stay tuned for Jordan’s follow up video on the build. You can also find details of the hidden door schematics here.

Learn more about WindsorONE Shiplap and Nickel Gap profiles, manufactured in the U.S.A.

(Side note: This isn’t the first post with WindsorONE being used for “spoon collection” storage… check out this builder’s setup. If you have any pics of your builds featuring WindsorONE, we would love to see them #WindsorONE or submit them here.)

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