Straight Outta Newport

There are a lot of reasons to buy WindsorONE Protected trim boards; The 30 year warranty against insects, rot and mold can’t be beat with no off gassing and a gold indoor air quality rating.  American manufacturing helps you help yourself by building your local economy.  The craftsmanship put into WindsorONE Protected boards will pay off as you are not wasting time priming and touching up details, the sharp, crisp details sell themselves and help show off your work.  Despite all of this, if you ask Art Guerrero, “Why WindsorONE?” he will tell you, “because it’s straight!”









Inside, outside and all around, Art has been using WindsorONE for years and loves that every pieces is straight and true.  No waste and no wasted time.  Art gets all of his WindsorONE form Brandon Ray at Ganahl Lumber Costa Mesa.  Give him a call and try it out for yourself.
























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