Bringing it Home

“Some contractors never get a chance to work on their own home, not me. I love what I install in my customer’s homes so much, that I come home and do the same thing here. Thanks for making such great products. I stake my reputation on them every day. ” – Steve Menez

And an emphatic thank you to Steve! …For choosing a product manufactured in the USA and for making craftsmanship great again. The level of skill and detail in the you see in the photos below is evident in all of Steve’s projects. Also a thank you to the pros at The Moulding Company for supplying material!

Behind the couch in the living room is 6 foot high Wainscoting, also known to be called “judges panel”
V-groove Wainscoting with a 1×8 S4S header for coat hooks, capped with WOWC003.
The fireplace is made up of WindsorONE 1×12 S4S on the columns, header and top shelf.
Beadboard ceilings in kitchen and bathrooms with 1×3 S4S and 1×8 S4S making up the wainscoting and candy shelf.

Stellar work, thank you for sharing!

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