Rot Rehab

This home in Long Beach, CA came on some hard times with it’s fascia and window trim.  The rot problem had become so bad they needed to call in some help, but don’t judge, it could happen to anyone.

Luckily the team at Mamelli Painting had just the right fix, WindsorONE S1S2e.  WindsorONE Protected boards provide a 30 year Warranty against insects, rot, and mold so this home won’t be traveling down the wrong path again.

With the combined use of 2×10 and 1×6 WindsorONE, Mamelli Painting not only helped protect this house with a warranty but also create a great shadow line look to highlight the exterior of the home.


Special Thanks to Joe, Robert, and Guy of Mamelli Painting for  sharing their work, as well as the team at Ganahl Lumber Los Alamitos for providing the best trim boards around!

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