Straight Outta Newport

There are a lot of reasons to buy WindsorONE Protected trim boards; The 30 year warranty against insects, rot and mold can’t be beat with no off gassing and a gold indoor air quality rating.  American manufacturing helps you help yourself by building your local economy.  The craftsmanship put into WindsorONE Protected boards will pay […]

2 x 4, and 6 and 8, who do we appreciate?

Ok, ok, he didn’t use any 2×8, but here at WindsorONE we appreciate builders that focus on craftsmanship, Builders like Darrin Pagenkopp of Pagenkopp construction, check them out on Facebook.  Darrin used a ton of WindsorONE S1S2E 2×4 and 2×6 to trim out the windows and columns on this beautiful renovation in Huntington Beach, CA. […]

Dream House in Solana Beach

We’ve seen this house a few times, but now it’s all done and moving day is just around the corner for the lucky homeowners. Their new home is state of the art. All the lights, windows, doors and who knows what else, can be controlled from their cell phones! There are some great WindsorONE highlights […]

The Lyons' Share

If you’re looking to put any WindsorONE tongue and groove in your home, hurry down to Dixieline Lumber before Lyons Construction takes it all.  Bill Lyon’s, Coronado OG, has been building custom homes on the island for the last few decades.  If you’ve driven down the streets of this beautiful beach community, chances are you’ve […]

Rot Rehab

This home in Long Beach, CA came on some hard times with it’s fascia and window trim.  The rot problem had become so bad they needed to call in some help, but don’t judge, it could happen to anyone. Luckily the team at Mamelli Painting had just the right fix, WindsorONE S1S2e.  WindsorONE Protected boards […]

Pocket doors and cubbies and bunk beds, oh my!

I’ll stop writing about Platinum Homes and Custom Trim and Rails when they stop doing amazing work.  Dan “the man” Rule, owner of Custom Trim and Rails, showed off some of his pocket doors in one of his projects.  He will also be dressing the lid of this outdoor living space with some WindsorONE shiplap. […]

Work in Progress

It’s no surprise they call this place Rolling Hills Estates.  The view off the back porch says it all. Robert Reagan of VX Design and Construction is in the middle of renovating this home and has some cool highlights coming down the pipe.  Currently, Robert and his crew are beautifying the eaves with Windsorone T&G boards. […]

If you need to build it, he will come.  Local legend, Master Craftsman, and amateur Kevin Kostner look-a-like Chris Bradley of Bradley Construction came up with a unique solution on this Capistrano Beach renovation.  The simple clean fascia is a great highlight on this home, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.  What […]

Covered in Coffered

You can’t beat the view from this hilltop home in San Diego, even on a Rainy day. Ernesto of EVS Construction picked up a WindsorONE flyer two years ago at Dixieline and hasn’t stopped using it since.  The ceilings in the kitchen and common area perfectly compliment the indoor outdoor living experience that he is piecing […]

If we’ve ever spent time together you’ve probably been forced to listen to my Russian, Scottish, Mexican, and Japanese.  North of Dallas Juan Torres is putting my accents to shame with shiplap wall accents all over his impressive custom home renovation.  Juan picked up the 6″ WORS pattern from Tommy over at Wilson Plywood & […]

Ceilings and walls, kitchens and bedrooms, stairways and halls,  Jim at Platinum Series Homes has covered everything he can with WindsorONE in this amazing lakeside cottage.  Tucked away on Cedar Creek Lake you will find Jim quickly passing off credit for the fantastic installation to Dan at Custom Trim & Rails. Dan and his crew are no strangers […]

Seattle native and Seahawks fan, Randy of GDC Construction, insists on quality materials for his projects to provide the best possible result for his customers.  This house in La Jolla is really coming together, especially the front porch.  It’s shaping up to be a great place to sit, swing, and enjoy this beautiful coastal neighborhood.  Not […]

Moving Inside

You may remember seeing Dave Bell’s jobsite in Solana Beach right after he put up his WindsorONE fascia. Well, the project is moving along and looking great! As promised, Dave remembered he’s a wood guy when he moved on to interior design. Between walls, ceilings, and bathrooms Dave continues to make WindsorONE look great in […]

Dave's not here, man...

In Solana Beach Dave Bell of Bell Construction is a busy man.  Nothing makes his crew happier than having a great product that’s easy to work with. Dave Williamson, of Dixieline Lumber & Home Centers, hooked Dave up with a load of WindsorONE S1S2E for the fascia on his current remodel and was nice enough […]

  At the new Trinity Forest Golf Course  golfers can perfect their game while surrounded by Shiplap. Platinum Series Homes decked out the interior of this Hitting Bay on the edge of the driving range with WindsorONE 6″ WORS/Shiplap pattern.  Platinum demonstrates true craftsmanship with clean corners and edges, creating a crisp, clean environment to put […]

Mike Porter is a carpenter in high demand in Dallas and a true craftsman.  Chad Dorsey of More Design + Build has been keeping him busy installing over 20,000 linear feet of 1X6 WOTG in their current Custom Home remodel. The homeowner wanted to replicate the feel of their beach house in British Columbia while […]