The Lyons’ Share

If you’re looking to put any WindsorONE tongue and groove in your home, hurry down to Dixieline Lumber before Lyons Construction takes it all.  Bill Lyon’s, Coronado OG, has been building custom homes on the island for the last few decades.  If you’ve driven down the streets of this beautiful beach community, chances are you’ve seen more than a few of his creations.  Despite all he has accomplished on the island, sometimes Bill still has to cram into small spaces and do some dirty work… It’s probably why everybody loves him!


Bill remembers his trip to the Windsor Mill like it was Yesterday and appreciates the TLC that goes into every piece.  Nobody makes that WOTG V Groove look better than Bill and his team.  Check out the bedroom ceilings, porch-lids and accent walls all throughout this amazing Lyons Custom home.

Bill, Thanks for letting us show off your craftsmanship!  Get down to Dixieline SportsArena and talk to Julie or Frank to get your hands on some clean, sharp WindsorONE trim and specialty boards!


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