Seven Shades of Shiplap

Seventh Heaven, The Seven Wonders of the World, Lucky Number 7, John Elway, Mickey Mantle (who won 7 World Series), Ray Bourque wore it twice on one jersey, Seven Layer Dip, Snow White and, how many dwarves?  That’s right, 7.  The point is the number seven has found a way to amaze, keep us in awe, and steal our hearts time and time again.  Now there’s another reason to get excited.

Seven Development in Phoenix, AZ is working 7 days a week to find new and exciting ways to set their projects apart from the rest.  Check out their latest creation in the neighborhood of Arcadia.

Bobby and Leroy sought out WindsorONE to help produce sharp clean lines throughout the design of this home.  Whether you find yourself resting in the shade under one of the many 6″ Shiplap porch lids or checking out the matching eaves, you’ll find that Seven Development has left nothing to chance making sure this home stands out.  The attention to detail will be appreciated by any Craftsman.

Shiplap soffit and ceiling lid accented with black steel beams

Since WindsorONE’s Protected shiplap boards have a 30 year Warranty against insects, rot and mold, it’s durable for the exterior but the gold indoor air quality rating makes it safe to carry that look right inside.  Throughout the interior the boys used the 8″ version for a crisp design that flows through the entire home.  The crew loved working with perfectly straight material to show off their hard work.  Check out those corners!

Crisp clean shiplap lines and corners accentuate hallways and entry ways

Special thanks to Bobby and Leroy for letting us check out their work and show off their Craftsmanship.  And let’s not forget a round of applause for Ted and the crew at 84 Lumber Chandler as well as JR from Capital Lumber for taking care of all Seven Development’s WindsorONE needs.

This has been a fun one to watch progress and we’re all looking forward to seeing the final product!

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