Simply Seamless Runs

If you need to build it, he will come.  Local legend, Master Craftsman, and amateur Kevin Kostner look-a-like Chris Bradley of Bradley Construction came up with a unique solution on this Capistrano Beach renovation.  The simple clean fascia is a great highlight on this home, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.  What was needed was 2 24 foot runs on the front of the house.  WindsorONE doesn’t come in 24′ pieces?  Not a problem for Chris and his friends at McGee Construction.

At their cabinet shop the team at McGee married pieces of WindsorONE 2×10 S1S2e at a 22.5 degree angle with dutchman joints to create perfectly seamless 24ft pieces.  And of Course they primed every cut.  I couldn’t for the life of me find the seam!

Chris loves how easy it is to work with straight and consistent boards, and the 30 year Warranty doesn’t hurt.
Thanks again for letting us show off your Craftsmanship!  Chris gets his WindsorONE from Jason at Ganahl Lumber in Laguna Beach and you can too!

Make Craftsmanship Great Again!

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He does a mean fascia…. all while dancing with wolves. Crazy!


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