Round 2 for Vonnegut Thoreau Construction in San Francisco CA


WindsorONE is not an unfamiliar product to Vonnegut Thoreau Construction. They’ve reached out to us before and provided some shots of their work and recently sent us in more. The team likes using our trim boards for both interior and exterior applications. WindsorONE is a staple in their building diet and the good folks down at Beronio Lumber serve up their WindsorONE needs.


WO on BenchJohn McIntyre who sent us in these shots said, “Kurt, I’ve been with the company for a little over a year now and it seems as if WindsorONE is part of every job.” These pictures are from a tear down and remodel in the hills of San Francisco and we thank you Vonnegut & Beronio Lumber for being loyal fans.

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