Always apply housewrap

When using WindsorONE Trim to face building materials such as treated lumber, structural beams and posts, or any framing material, always apply housewrap before installing any finishing material. Where WindsorONE Trim Boards are used to finish rim joists, protect the top edge from water intrusion by applying a strip of self adhesive membrane over the rim joist and WindsorONE Trim Board. It is important that water not pool between the framing lumber and the decorative WindsorONE Trim Boards.


Incorporate an air cavity

Columns wrapped in WindsorONE Trim Boards must be constructed to incorporate an air cavity between the WindsorONE Trim Boards and the underlying core. Ventilation and drain holes must be included at the top and bottom to ensure proper airflow and drainage. The diagram illustrates proper column wrap construction.

WindsorONE should be stored, installed, handled & maintained correctly for the best performance. For complete installation guidelines & the WindsorONE Protected warranty, click here or call 888.229.7900.