This includes cuts that can’t be seen or may not be directly exposed to weather.


At a microscopic level, the grain structure of the wood substrate is like a stack of drinking straws and can absorb water more than 50 times faster than the other surfaces of a board. Priming all cuts mitigates water absorption & helps ensure a long lasting project.


All cuts must be reprimed

Prior to installation, all trim board surfaces exposed by jobsite field cuts must be reprimed. In wet climates, also treat field cuts with a paintable water repellent preservative and a latex top coat.



1. Set up a priming station at the job site.
2. The Katz trick: A plastic yogurt container can be a great way to store your primer & keep your brush from drying out.

Unprotected cuts of any wood product absorbs water

Unprotected cuts of any wood product absorbs water (even faster on vulnerable end grain ). 100% acrylic-latex primer is acceptable as long as it is able to properly cure according to the primer manufacturer’s instructions. However, where temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit either during application or within the curing period, use an alkyd oil wood primer to coat all job site cuts. Trim Boards with cuts coated with alkyd oil primer can be installed before drying without compromising the coating’s effectiveness. Above 50 degrees, a high quality 100% acrylic-latex primer will suffice to coat exposed end grain if allowed to dry before installation. With either primer, follow manufacturer’s recommendations.


Note If <35°

In colder weather (below 35 degrees F), follow these steps: • Precut the trim and take it into a heated building where the temperature is maintained above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. • Ensure the trim is dry and then prime the cuts with a 100% acrylic-latex primer. • Allow the re-primed trim to dry overnight and then proceed with installation.

WindsorONE should be stored, installed, handled & maintained correctly for the best performance. For complete installation guidelines & the WindsorONE Protected warranty, click here or call 888.229.7900.