For fascia application, WindsorONE Trim Boards must be double nailed and fastened at a maximum of 24” on center. For all other applications, fasten trim 24” apart using a staggered nail pattern or double nail 16” on center. Double nail joints and do not nail any closer than 2” from the edge of material without drilling pilot holes. Stagger nails on either side of trim. For 10” & 12” triple nail joints and double nail stagger patterns. Follow the nailing guidelines set out in this table for the various WindsorONE Trim products.


note: Nails must penetrate 1-1/4” into the solid wood framing.

WindsorONE should be stored, installed, handled & maintained correctly for the best performance. For complete installation guidelines & the WindsorONE Protected warranty, click here or call 888.229.7900.