Classical Craftsman Moldings Trim Out This Spacious Home

This beautiful home was completed in Central Pennsylvania by Mark Austin Building and Construction.  The quality craftsmanship used by Mark, Josh and their team is top tier in the local building community.  Material sourced and supplied by Schmuck Lumber and American Cedar and Millwork and distributed to those yards by Parksite, Inc.

Shiplap Start to Finish

Picking the right wall treatment surrounding the section above your fireplace can be a daunting task. Luckily at WindsorONE, we care soo much about each and every one of you that we apparently do house calls! Thanks TSM Corbin for taking care of this customer… (not shown: the pack of beer and 20 lbs of […]

WindsorONE Shiplap on Island Time in Pennsylvania!

Check out this awesome detail work done by Jared Miller Construction in East Berlin, PA.  The project was completed using 8″ WindsorONE shiplap (WORS8) hung vertical on a kitchen island and the results are stunning.  If working in south central Pennsylvania, WindsorONE can be ordered any of the Schmuck Lumber or John H. Myers locations with […]

Check out this gorgeous Central Park West renovation!  It was recently completed and several of the Classical Colonial WindsorONE moldings were used on this job. Thanks to Dykes Lumber for Supplying the material, and special thank you and credit goes to these professionals for completing this renovation: Architect: Politi + Siano Architects, pllc 212.690.7072 msiano@psa-nyc.com […]

Northeast Contest - Fisherman of the week

A big thank you goes out to Coty Gall of Kinsley Custom in York, PA who was the latest to send in his WindsorONE project and fishing photo for the 2016 Northeast W1 Fishing Contest.  Coty bought his materials at Schmuck Lumber in Hanover, PA; check out Schmuck Lumber for all your WindsorONE and building needs! […]

Another WindsorONE Jersey winner!

Paul Cyr of Cyr Lumber won the 2nd Patriots jersey at the NRLA LBM expo yesterday.  Here you’ll see Thursday’s finalists that went head to head to win their prize.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by to hang out with the Windsor Mill crew this year at the Expo!

NRLA LBM Expo 2016

Come join the Windsor crew at Booth 413 tomorrow for the 2nd day of the NRLA LBM expo in Providence, RI and get your shot to win a custom WindsorONE Patriots jersey.  Here you can see today’s finalists and the big winner, Dirk Koopman of Koopman Lumber!

Beautiful Soffits in Bath, OH

Check out this beautiful soffit and fascia work-in-progress by Sinopoli Builders!  Sinopoli sourced all their Windsor material from Jeff Underwood at Lodi Lumber, in Lodi, OH.  If you work in the greater Cleveland/Akron area, go visit Jeff and Jim Rice in Lodi for your WindsorONE needs!

Looking for a new look on Long Island?

Are you looking for a new wall skinning look to set your home or office apart from others on Long Island?  Head on down to your local Riverhead Building Supply and take a look at the 6″ tongue and groove “Plantation” pattern from WindsorOne.  This reversible product can give you a smooth clean look on […]